Artist Spotlight: Adelitas Way

Adelitas Way is a rock band from Las Vegas, NV consisting of: Rick DeJesus, lead vocals; Trevor Stafford, drums and percussion; Robert Zakaryan, lead guitar and backing vocals; and Andrew Cushing, bass and backing vocals. With many albums under their belt, years of touring and a successful placement track record, they continue to write great music that resonates with fans.

Their latest single, "Tell Me" is moving up the WISM Top 30, with increased plays at retail.

Congrats on your AWESOME single, Tell Me, which is getting played at retail across the country. What’s the rest of the album like and when will it be released?

We are leaning in a direction where the song is king. We have made all types of records and for me this record is focused on songs people love and can sing along to. The record will be a variety of fresh sounding songs and we are putting the time and hours into making fresh sounding music.

How does this release differ from your previous records?

There are no more rules, there was lots of boundaries on what type of band and songs you have to write and be, but now we focus on songs and on being heard. This record will reach a wider audience than our previous works. We are using the same passion lyrically, but making sure the hooks and melodies are memorable.

Looks like you’ve got a busy tour schedule in the months to come. What do you look forward to the most while on the road?

I love to play, I love the fans and I love life of the road ... I embrace it. I have to enjoy it and make the best of it always. I leave my kids and family at home, so I better be killing it while I'm away!

Your music has gotten a lot of film/TV placement. What placements make you most proud?

The ABC Bachelor Pad was big, CSI Miami, and when the NFL, MLB, NHL, and WWE used our songs, it was the best feeling because I'm a huge sports fan!

You’ve played with heavy hitters like Guns N’ Roses, Shinedown, Creed, Alter Bridge, Three Days Grace, Theory of a Deadman, Breaking Benjamin, Staind, Flyleaf and more. Was there a particular tour experience that stands out in your mind that was career changing?

The whole ride, it's a grind. One tour won't change your life, but collectively they do.

Shameless plug: What would you like our readers to know about the band?

That we are blessed because of them, we work extremely hard for ourselves and our fans.








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