Chuck Berry Passes to The Promised Land!

What’s In-Store Music shares with the entire world the profound loss of Chuck Berry. As a young music fan, I came to know his music first through the endless cover versions of his songs by the greats of music at the time such as The Beatles and Rolling Stones. I then delved into his catalogue and became enamored of his original versions of his legendary chart hits. It was hard to fathom that all these songs came from the mind of one man!! The music was amazing but what really struck me was the “poetry” of his lyrics. His songs were “visual” in a way that very few artists can convey. Chuck may have passed onto to The Promised Land but thankfully we have his songbook to remember him by.

~ Bob

And of course, who can forget this ...

His forthcoming album, CHUCK, which he announced on his 90th birthday last October, will be released soon on Dualtone records. Get updates here.


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