Stop the Madness!

Let’s face it, we’re a week in and your bracket is already a mess. Every year you bet on your team and every year you’re knocked out well before the final round. Stop the Madness! It’s time to bet on a sure thing. Your priority music in thousands of outlets across the country as you build your story ... it’s a no brainer. Have a look at the Metro Reports for these four artists and learn what they already know: placing a song with What’s In-Store Music is a guaranteed WIN!

Submit your music here.

Robin Shulz and David Guetta "Shed a Light" 38,631 plays this week!

MAX "Lights Down" 66,083 plays this week!

Bronze Radio Return "Only Temporary" 67,209 plays this week!

Half The Animal "Babylon" 67,745 plays this week!


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