The Art of Music Curation

Music sets the mood in all facets of our lives. The movie industry has known this for years. Who can forget the menacing music in JAWS just before Bruce (the shark) made a meal out of some local swimmer? The haunting sounds of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells throughout the Exorcist ... or Justin Timberlake’s show stopper from Trolls, “Can’t Stop the Feeling!" I’ve got sunshine in my pocket … Ha! Now you’re going to be singing that the rest of the morning. You're welcome. Music in stores and restaurants does the same thing. It sets the mood and the atmosphere for your consumer experience. But don’t take our word for it. Hear what the pros at Retail Radio have to say: "Most people will put a lot of thought into the décor, furnishings and wall color of a room. It’s been well documented that the color scheme of a room can have certain psychological effects on most people. So too, the sound of a room can do just that. It can make people feel welcome, excited, relaxed, motivated and a whole host of other emotions. Simply put, the sound signature of your business environment is equally as important!"



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