Artist Spotlight: Ships Have Sailed

Ships Have Sailed is Will Carpenter on vocals, guitar and Andranikyan on drums, a duo that packs a mighty pop music punch. Their latest single "Up" is seeing over 13,000 plays per week at retail locations, creating a perfect, upbeat and fun environment for hundreds of thousands of shoppers across the country.

Congrats on your new single, “Up.” The lyrics are very poignant. Is there a backstory to the song?

Thank you so much! Of course every song has a story, but this one is very special to me. It was conceived at the very end of our west coast tour last year, and the show we had just played was Art and my very first show as a duo. We were also a bit road-weary, and headed to the airport extremely early in the moment, and there was an interesting mix of emotions coursing through my body. Suffice to say that it was a bit of a low moment, and all of a sudden this melody and lyrics just popped into my head and completely changed how I was feeling – it was a bit undeniable, so I pulled out my voice-notes and made sure I captured it as best I could. When I got back to the studio the first thing I did was check it out, and I immediately started on pre-production after that.

You performed “Up” on BalconyTV, a great platform (no pun intended) for indie artists. Where was it recorded and what was the experience like?

It was recorded on a balcony in the Hollywood Hills and it was a really incredible experience being able to play in the open air with an amazing view at our backs! The team at BalconyTV are all true music appreciators, and so that always makes things better. Honestly one of the highlights of our year so far!

What career accomplishment makes you most proud?

I think the answer to that question changes with each passing week, month or year. If I had to choose just one thing, it would be just looking back on how far we’ve come in just four short years, and realizing that we’ve built this all on our own … it’s pretty amazing to look at what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it and just keep going!

Your “Quick Look” segments are terrific … compelling content that gives fans a behind-the-scenes sneak peek. What other “Quick Look” segments can we see in the future?

We’re slowly working our way through the entire production experience of creating "Up." Still to come are vocals and mixing – after that I would love to continue the Quick Look concept, but I’m not really sure what that’ll look like, we still need to figure it out!

What’s next for Ships Have Sailed? More recording? Touring?

We’re about to make our first trip to the U.K. in May for a two day festival appearance in Liverpool, so we’re very excited about that! We also have a series of festival dates lining up in the U.S. over the summer and early fall, so we will be out on the road this year, but we’re also planning on creating some new music as well … it’s all still taking shape, but we’re aiming for a healthy balance of both live and studio work this year!

Finally, a shameless plug. What would you like our readers to know about you?

Well, a lot of folks are just discovering us because of our new single "Up," but we’ve been around for four years, and in that time we’ve released three E.P.s and a full-length album called Moodswings. "Up" is only the latest of our creations, so if you like what you hear, we encourage you to dig a bit deeper into our catalog and get to know us better!








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