Artist Spotlight: Rachel Price

Singer-songwriter Rachel Price draws from personal experiences when writing her material, which makes her music authentic and heart-felt; resonating with her fans. Her single, "Falling Off the Earth" is doing great on the WISM Top 30 chart and playing at thousands of retail locations across the country.

You are from O’Neill, a small town in Nebraska. How did your upbringing in this tight-knit community prepare you for your life in Big-City Nashville?

In O'Neill everyone knows and is friends with everyone, so I think it made me an overall friendlier person, in turn making it easier for me to meet new people here. It also made it 100 times easier knowing that I had a strong community support system back home.

Tell us about your new EP, Home. Who helped you with the project and what inspired you to write the material on the record?

There were so many people who helped with this project along the way. Michael Flanders and his son Ben produced the album. I wrote with a number of people, including Ben, his mother Chaise, Luke Wade, and Andrew Little. I wanted to only write about experiences that I've been through so that the project would be 100% real and genuine. When I listen to an artist knowing that they wrote a song from personal experience it makes it that much easier to connect.

You got your start in music by posting your videos online. What advice do you have to other young artists who are using platforms like YouTube to break into the business?

If you're hesitant at all about starting a YouTube channel or diving into music, just do it. If you're passionate about it then it will show. Also, posting often and consistently is huge. That's something I wish I would've been better about early on.

There’s a great story that goes along with your song, “Little Nebraska Town.” Tell us about The Nebraska Project and how your song became the anthem of the campaign.

Katie and Kevin Morrow, longtime family friends and teachers of mine, played my song for photographer Bill Frakes after he mentioned he was in search of a song about Nebraska. Bill is the creator of The Nebraska Project, which aims to highlight stories and unique places in our home state. After he heard and liked the song, we went to work filming a music video. It gained a ton of traction and actually led to my first couple acoustic tours!

“Falling Off the Earth” is your latest single, which is getting played at retail across the country. You wrote it during a painful time in your life. Does the song take on a different meaning to you today?

Definitely. Although the song is pretty sad and dark, I am forever grateful for all of the things I've been through because they've taught me valuable things, and not to mention provided emotional writing fuel.

Check out Rachel's official video for "Falling Off the Earth" that was premiered on Atwood Magazine:








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