Artist Spotlight: Erin Bowman

Meet What's In-store Music client, Erin Bowman. Her single, "Good Time Good Life has become the feel-good anthem of the year, getting played across all platforms including HUGE in-store play across the country. Erin's manager has noted that her Shazam's have doubled since being added to the What's In-store music program! "Good Time Good Life" ranks No. 3 on the What's In-Store Music Top 30 Chart with 46,715 plays this week!

“Good Time, Good Life” has been a chart topper on Sirius XM and No. 1 on Radio Disney for weeks now … congrats! What was the inspiration behind the song?

The co-writers and I just really wanted to write something that made people happy. A song that made people feel confident and good about themselves and their lives!

You’ve had some exciting music placements in commercials and on TV with “Good Time, Good Life.” Are there more placements coming down the pike?

I certainly hope so!! Kobalt Music Publishing's sync team has been amazing. They're the ones getting all these great syncs and they continue to push the song. You never know what or when the next one could be!

What’s it like to have your single blow up so quickly? How has your life and career changed from this experience?

It has been an amazing 6 months or so. There's so much happening and it's so exciting to watch the song grow and see the project get bigger and bigger. I have several new supporters and some really great new relationships because of "Good Time Good Life" and that's an amazing thing.

What advice do you have for other female singer-songwriters who are striving to make a big impression?

Just write, write, and write some more. You just never know what that hit song is going to be but the more you write the better your chances will be of getting that hit.

What’s next for Erin Bowman?

I'm performing for 93Q's Summer Jam in Syracuse the first week of June and another performance coming up that I'm super excited about. I'm also heading out to LA end of June to work on new music. I have a few new songs in the works that need to be finished that I can't wait to share with everyone!!








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