Artist Spotlight: Mackenzie Sol

Mackenzie Sol is what the entertainment business calls a triple threat. He sings, he dances, he acts ... and he's been performing in front of audiences since he was a "wee lad." The Northern Englander was first discovered by Simon Cowell on the X-Factor and though just 16-years now, is a seasoned pro in the business. He's ready to show America what he's got, and has already made a big splash with his new single, "Laugh," No. 4 on the WISM Top 30 with 40,713 plays just this week!

You do it all. You’re a singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. What discipline is the most challenging for you, and what is the most natural for you?

Dancing is most difficult. When I was younger I attended the royal ballet school and got a bullied a lot for it I made the decision to quit then tried to get back into it 3 years later and found I'd lost it so it's been difficult to get back into it. Singing is definitely most natural.

You’ve had a successful career on stage, most notably, playing the lead role in West End’s Youth Theatre rendition of Billy Elliot. What was that like for you at such a young age?

I loved playing the part of Billy although it was just the youth theatre it was a lot of fun. We did it in a local town first and won the youth theatre competition to perform in the west end so it was a big achievement. The other west end shows I did were touring so it was always great to perform in my home town.

You’ve worked with some serious heavy hitters: Simon Cowell, David Foster; and shared the stage with music icons: Jennifer Hudson, Josh Groban, Babyface, etc. Were there experiences surreal for you? What memory stands out from these experiences?

I was very young when I performed on the X-Factor for Simon Cowell. My main memory was that he got me tickets to go and see the Lion King which was incredible. The Carousel of Hope was a huge highlight in my career and Jennifer Hudson complimented me and Babyface gave me advice about staying true to myself. Jay Leno was the host and he was lots of fun ... oh and Rod Stewart was the first to give me a standing ovation so that was cool.

You’re hands-on in everything you do. Would you say you are a perfectionist?

In some things very much so but there is always room for improvement I always look back at projects and know I could of done better.

You dreamed of living in L.A. when you were younger. Is it everything you dreamt it would be? What’s your favorite hangout or eatery?

I totally love LA right now I live at the beach which is amazing. I do miss home though but I'm extremely happy to stay here I feel there's way more opportunity for me here.

Finally, a shameless plug. What would you like our readers to know about you?

I'd like the readers to know that I'm also an awesome magician

See the premiere of "Laugh" here!








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