Artist Spotlight: Current Swell

Nettwerk Music Group's Vancouver-based rock band, Current Swell just released their latest album, When to Talk and When to Listen last month. They worked with with Grammy-winning producer, Jacquire King who pushed the band outside their comfort level and the end result is spectacular. Their first single, "It Ain't Right" is getting played at retail across the U.S. and is No. 10 on the WISM Top 30 Chart.

Your record was recorded in two very different locations, Nashville and Vancouver. What was the reasoning behind that and what impact did it make on the final product?

We wanted to try and go somewhere else for this record, we knew that with this album – a new process, a new vibe, a new time in each of our lives, recording in a new place just seemed like the natural next step. Taking ourselves out of our element and comfort zone was key for this album. Recording in Nashville at Blackbird Studios allowed us to do things in a different fashion, record with some real legends. When we got to Vancouver and recorded at the Warehouse Studio, we saw our album come together – and I think that was the moment for all of us when we realized that stepping out of element and changing it up was worth it. 

What was it like to record with Grammy-winning producer, Jacquire King?

It was incredible to work with Jacquire, he knew when to call us on our shit and when to captain the ship. And for a band like us, that can be a constant uphill battle. But he managed to harness each of our wants and needs, while adding his extensive experience – he made it what it was. He brought leadership that stunned us a bit, but with all of our brains dog piling into one, we couldn’t be more thankful for that.

How does this new record differ from your previous releases and what do you attribute it to? 

It's more of a studio album by concept. Our last record had much more of a live off the floor vibe, because it was recorded in half the time. This time we wanted to nerd out in the studio little bit more. Which meant a new process for us, with lots of layers and different aspects happening all at once. When to Talk and When to Listen is a commercial album, and we were okay with diving into that this time around. We have migrated from where we started, which means were growing as a band, and I think were all stoked on that.

You’ve built a great online presence and following. How do you keep connected with your fans beside the traditional social media routes?

Social media has completely changed the face and the relationship that we can have with our fans, and the industry. We try and stay on top of all the trends, whether its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – in the past we have made videos, we even made a short documentary for the making of Ulysses which is up on Vimeo. We want to connect and even welcome our audience into those parts of our lives. But there is nothing that beats touring and getting to meet our fans in person, I think most artists would agree.

Congrats on your upcoming tour supporting Dispatch. What are you looking forward to most on this tour?

It’s hard to nail just one thing about it that I’m most excited for. We have toured before, and we have even played with Dispatch before – they are awesome, so were excited about that of course. Like I mentioned before, this album is new - everything from its early makings to its recordings, and this tour is no exception. So it will be a lot of firsts – and I am excited for that.








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