Artist Spotlight: Carla Morrison

One does not need to speak Spanish to feel the emotion from WISM artist Carla Morrison's music. The bi-lingual singer-songwriter will move you, no matter what language you speak. Her single, Te Regalo is getting in-store play across the country and the video (below) is so beautiful, that it will make you weep.

Congrats on your latest release, "Amor Supremo Desnudo." Tell us about the album and the inspiration behind the project.

I had a lot of fans and friends mention to me how great it would be to hear the songs from Amor Supremo in a more acoustic setting. I had done a few acoustic performances when I was promoting the record and would get so much accolades that after about a year of doing these the seed was planted to make a full record in this version.

You’ve got an amazing fan base that spans the globe. How do you stay in touch and connected with them?

I live on social media- for better or for worse- I am constantly writing to fans directly/privately and express many of the same concerns they have.

You’ve played large festivals in the U.S. and abroad. What are your touring plans to promote the new album?

I’m doing a full on acoustic tour in Mexico and Spain this summer and then heading back to the US in October to cap off the touring cycle of Amor Supremo. I may do a handful of dates in 2018 but otherwise take a break and start working on writing songs. I’ve hardly had time to do that and want to get back to that before committing to the next project. Also have a documentary I’m executive producing on my career as an independent artist.

Your YouTube channel is hugely successful. Do you have any tips on how up and coming artists can utilize this platform?

Try to stay active- make short little videos just saying hi to the people who take the time out of their busy lives to see what you are up to. Little things add up to a lot. “

In addition to your music career, you’ve also done a bit of acting. Is this something we’ll see you doing more of in the future?

Sometimes I think about doing more acting. That could be something I pursue more in the future. I’ve been offered a few roles but music has been my primary focus.








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