Artist Spotlight: Jack Bruno

What's In-Store Music client, Jack Bruno, takes us on a personal, emotional journey through his music, relaying deep-seated experiences that resonate with all of us. His latest single, "Time," is #26 on our Currents chart and connecting with millions of shoppers at retail across the country.

You’ve overcome a lot of obstacles prior to releasing your EP. What does this release signify, and how are you a different person because of it?

The release is huge, its just exciting to show people what I've been going through. I like to think of releasing music as like a really personal intimate status update on life. It was just a process ending my last band and starting up solo it's like a heart break it takes time to heal from but you always come out the other side stronger and better than ever. I've learned a lot, how to let go, how to move on I learned a lot about my own process of making music and finishing music.

What producers have you worked with and what have you learned from them?

I worked with Justin Raisen and Jeremiah Raisen on the track and learned a lot about combining different drum tracks together looking at the big picture of the vibe and feel of a song, and the importance of a schedule.

Your single, “Time” is well-received and getting in-store play across the country. Is it bittersweet for you seeing that the song is about the end of a relationship?

I've been working at music for so long that I'm just humbled and blessed to have my music being played anywhere. I think its my job as an artist to show every part of me even the stuff that I don't want to show or talk about because usually thats the stuff that other people are carrying around with them and I think thats when music really has the power to move people which for me is an amazing feeling. Since I wrote time I've started an ended another relationship so it feels like an old photograph ... it's just a part of my life.

Tell us about Lime Boyz, what it’s about and how you connected with these artists.

Lime Boyz is literally my group of friends its about sharing that energy of trying to make something of yourself. Everyone Id consider part of it share a deep connection whether it be literally meeting thru a sober living house in West L.A. or having friends stick by you when you were in pain or stuck. It's about overcoming shit and making it out on top. Lime Boyz is about staying positive thru all the bullshit life can throw at you.

Though your music styles differ, do you collaborate and/or share resources with In.Drip., Beachwood Coyotes and DJ Lil Texas?

Absolutely its more about just hanging out and listening to music checking in seeing what the other homies are working on we don't necessarily write together or anything its just about rooting for each others success's instead of being competitive like so many artists are like in LA.

Finally, a shameless plug. What would you like our readers to know about you?

I work my ass off on music I put my entire life into this I do it because I love it.







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