Artist Spotlight: Reyna

Singer-songwriter Reyna Roberts is a driven and talented teen who's got her eyes on the prize ... a successful career in music. She's a force of creative energy who works hard at her craft. Her single, "Can't Have It" has risen quickly up the What's In-Store Music charts and we couldn't be more excited to be a part of her journey.

Your single “Can’t Have It” is on the What’s In-Store Music chart. Tell us about the inspiration for this song.

I got the inspiration for this song while living in Hollywood. There are a lot of guys that want to talk to girls and can’t take no for an answer. So I wrote this song as kind of a way to say have respect, if I’m not interested in you, take that “L” and let’s be friends. Don’t be disrespectful, and you can say what you want to me but I still won’t be interested.

When you’re not playing or creating music, how do you spend your time?

When I am not creating music, playing piano, or writing, I am usually doing martial arts. I wrestled for four years in high school, and now I train in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. I also love to read, so I love to go to Barnes and Noble, or my friends and I will go on road trips and create memories.

You recently participated in the High School Nation Tour and opened for the Plain White T’s. What is the tour all about and what is your most favorite memory from the experience?

The tour is about inspiring kids that want to pursue music or the arts. I’ve done over 30 shows with High School Nation, and I am always excited to meet new fans. My favorite memory is seeing fans sing along to my songs.

You are a very prolific songwriter. Where do you find your inspiration for your writing?

I find inspiration for my writing by my life events, and the lessons I’ve learned and gone through. I also read a lot of books, to open my mind and imagination so I can be more creative and write more imagery. There are also tv shows I watch like Supernatural, Doctor Who, Riverdale, The Vampire Diaries...etc. These shows have very strong characters and the storylines inspire my writing style.

What advice do you have for teens -- young girls especially -- who want to pursue a career in music?

My advice is to start today not tomorrow. If music is something you’re serious about, give it your all. Create more than you did the day before, and don’t take no for an answer. You have to fight to get what you want.

Finally, a shameless plug: What would you like our readers to know about you?

Within the next two years you will either see me on TV or with a Grammy in my hand!







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