Artist Spotlight: STASH

I gotta say, there's nothing cooler than a girl DJ, musician and producer who kills it with confidence at every gig, party or studio session. That pretty much sums up What's In-Store client, STASH, whose single, “Blackjack Cabana" is flying up our Current Chart.

You are described as a “multimedia entertainment force.” Can you explain what your shows are like?

Oh crazy! Thanks so much that is quite the compliment. Most of my shows revolve around a DJ set where I mash -up popular and exciting '80s and '90s tracks into house drops. I have a particular style that resonates with festival/club-goers. I also love to integrate my own songs in my sets and sing them live. So with STASH, you get both a live performance of my original music combined with my danceable, fist-pumping DJ sets.

As a female DJ, are there obstacles that you have faced? Do you think there is a rise in women who go into this area of music?

I think that being a female DJ definitely has obstacles. A female DJ must go the extra mile to prove herself as a competent DJ and performer so that people will to take you seriously. There are many girls who are trying to be a DJ these days, so it is competitive. Since there is void of good female DJs, there is a great opportunity, and it’s a pretty cool time to see rad girls doing their thing.

What’s has been your most favorite gig this year and why?

I would say all of the Superbowl parties that I performed at earlier in the year were awesome, combined with recent private parties on large yachts in Miami.

Congrats on the Success of “Blackjack Cabana,” which has won numerous awards in the dance/pop scene. Is the songwriting process different for you since you’re both DJ, producer, songwriter, and singer?

Thanks so much, it’s really awesome to see people loving the song. I would say my song writing has stayed pretty consistent over the years it normally starts out as a basic idea on the guitar. I then figure out the style of beat with my writing partner and then finish writing the lyrics. It’s always cool to see how it all comes together.

You’re a “Jill” of all trades. What discipline do enjoy the most and which is the most challenging?

I love it when I get to DJ large crowds. It is awesome to experience so many people having a great time dancing and enjoying my music. I really love performing, but it always comes with some challenges. It seems there are inevitable equipment and electrical problems that we have to solve.

Finally, a shameless plug: What would you like our readers to know about you?

I am just grateful I get to make music and then sing/rap it for all you awesome people.








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