Artist Spotlight: M. Rivers

M. Rivers may be a new and emerging name, but the artist and performer has already experienced great success in the music biz under the moniker, Redlight King, frequently appearing on the Billboard Rock Chart. M. Rivers' current single, "Champion" is also a "winner" and is number 11 on the What's In-Store Music chart this week with 84,488 total plays to date.

You’re no newbie to the music business. How did you get your start and what projects have you worked on prior to breaking out as M. Rivers?

I started writing songs at a very young age, and started recording at 16. I've been making records for a hot minute that's for sure. Lots of different projects and four different contracts over a 15-year span, I'm excited and feel a sense of renewal with this project.

Your latest release, “Champion,” is being heard across the country at retail. How does this project differ from your others?

I'm really excited the song is being heard and resonating with people. I love the way old records sound, and I wanted to bridge the gap between that classic record production and modern records. I spent a lot of time with my producer dialing in the tones, selection of instruments, and arrangements. I think it's the most complicated stuff I've written musically and challenging from a vocal perspective.

You’ve had great success with music placement. Where can we hear your music and what placement has been the most exciting?

The most exciting placements for this project so far have been the World Surf League, and the Indy 500. I love contributing my music to sports, films and video games and always open to opportunities to collaborate with people.

Will you be touring to support the new album and if so, what city are you looking forward to visiting the most?

I love touring. This album was recorded live with amazing musicians with the intent of putting on a great live show. The band is killer and we are currently putting dates together. I love traveling the US, and a favorite city just isn't possible to say, there's so many great music venues out there. I mostly look forward to new experiences and traveling and playing cities and countries I never been too.

Where’s the best place to hear/see music in L.A.?

So many great and historical places to see bands. The Troubadour, Wiltern Theatre, The El Ray, The Paladium, Greek Theatre, Bootleg, Satellite Lounge, The Echo, Dirty Laundry, Resident and of course The Viper Rooms is always a classic.









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