Artist Spotlight: BONZIE

Chicago-based musician, Nina Ferraro created the moniker BONZIE when she was a teen. Now at 21, she just released her second record, "Zone on Nine" which is packed with solid songs that run the gamut from ethereal to alt-pop. Her single, "Crescent" is at No. 22 this week on the What's In-Store Music current chart with 67,059 plays this week!

You’re described as an “independent multi-instrumentalist and singer.” How would you describe your musical style and who are your musical influences?

I’m a blend of genres that boils down to “alternative.” That’s the only title that seems to fit. In terms of what I listen to, right now I’m on a Prince roll, and I’m enjoying a duo out of Toronto called dvsn, led by the producer Nineteen85. I’ve been shifting between the two all week.

What or who inspires your songwriting?

I’m always learning by watching nature and how our earth in particular shifts and changes over time … weather and plants, growth, the movement of land over time, and erosion. These things are happening in music so I like to see the mirrors. I’m also inspired by other people and their lives, whether they’re my friends or strangers.

You produced your latest release, Zone on Nine. Was it difficult being both producer and talent on this project?

I think it would be difficult for me not to be involved with the production in addition to performing and writing the music. It all kind of goes together, in my opinion. When I write a song I usually hear at its core what it’s asking for, so I try to honor that in some way!

The video for your single, “Crescent” is awesome with so many cool visuals and symbolism! What’s the meaning behind the song and video?

Thanks. I’m playing an Artificial Intelligence going through the process of being built and programmed. The video deals with the implications of what a human is—separation of body and mind-- and the song is similarly dealing with the effect of oversimplifying or overgeneralizing, as well as the sensationalism that is a relevant issue of the times.

What’s next for Bonzie? Touring? More recording?

I have some new things in the works. Stay up on those updates, social media, I’m excited to show you the next chapter ...









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