Artist Spotlight: Evaride

Meet What's In-Store Music client, Evaride, three fascinating artists with equally fascinating backgrounds. They are: Sean Michael Murray on vocals; Hayden Maringer on guitar and Josh Devine on drums. Their single, "Heartless" is at No. 14 on our current chart with 71,843 plays this week alone!

How did the three of you come together to form Evaride?

Josh and Hayden were on the "Take Me Home" One Direction tour where they met. Josh was playing drums for One Direction and Hayden was playing guitar for the opening act. The two became close friends and remainded in contact over the years. In 2016 over a breakfast and with the hiatus of One Direction they decided it was time to start their own project. Initially they were going to seek a singer through a reality show they wanted to start or a YouTube series in search of a singer! A few months later Hayden was touring with an artist and was introduced to Sean. A mutual friend and the manager of the artist Hayden was touring with knew a singer at the time, but it passed Hayden's mind until one day on the tour bus he overheard a recording of Sean that she was playing on her phone. Hayden immediately picked up a phone and called Josh and sent him that same video she was playing. Two weeks later Josh and Hayden flew to NY to meet Sean and Evaride was officially formed.

Great things are happening to “Heartless.” Besides in-store retail play across the country, what other great news do you have to share about the single?

We've been very grateful with the the reaction that Heartless has been receiving! It's landed on a couple big Spotify playlists "Mood Booster" and "It's Alt Good" and the fans have been incredible in supporting it. "Heartless" also has been playing on SiriusXM Hits 1 which is insane! Hearing our song on the radio for the 1st time was a super surreal moment for us!

All of you had some pretty amazing experiences in the industry prior to forming Evaride. What have been some highlights in your careers?

We've all been really blessed and thankful to have had worked with some amazing artists over the years. Some of our career highlights include: Josh was One Direction's touring drummer since their inception and toured all five years with them. Hayden has played guitar for acts such as Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, Bebe Rexha, the Band Perry, Daya and many more. He also can be seen on TV shows such as Glee and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Sean starred in Green Day's Broadway's Grammy award winning hit Musical "American Idiot" alongside Billie Joe Armstrong.

Do you have any touring plans, and if so what destination is most exciting to you?

We hopefully will be touring by the summer of 2018!! Currently we have nothing we can announce yet, but we are looking forward to hitting the road and sharing our music with everyone! We are very excited to play for all our hometowns at some point in the future!

Favorite late night, post-gig eatery in L.A.?

If you ever want to a good place to eat after a show, Sean suggests the renowned Vegan Restaurant Crossroads Kitchen. It is one of the top Vegan Restaurants in LA owned by Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker! Hayden is an extreme foodie/food network enthusiast and suggests INK owned by world renown Chef Michael Voltaggio. Josh loves The Sunset Restaurant on the beach in Malibu.








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