Artist Spotlight: Zander Bleck

This week's featured artist Zander Bleck. He's had quite the music career with major label signings, extensive touring and creating music with some of the industry's most talented producers ... and there's much more to come for this New Jersey native. Zander's single, "Alive" is at #25 on the What's In-Store Music chart with 54,387 plays this week.

You’ve performed in bands and as a solo artist. What are the benefits and challenges of each?

There's nothing I ever wanted more than to be in a “band.” But this day and age it's difficult to move all as one. For me being solo was the best route. I do however have my band that has been by my side the last five years.

Your journey to Los Angeles to write and record with Grammy-winning songwriter was a life changing experience. Explain how did this experience affected you.

I have been outstandingly fortunate to work with some of the most talented people on the planet, from Mutt Lange to RedOne, to Holly Knight, etc. It’s been an honor and education to get my start with such legends.

How would you describe the Zander Bleck “brand?”

That is a great question that all artists need to ask themselves now. Like it or not, that is how you need to approach your career as a recording artist today. I would say my brand is mostly built around the romance of following dreams and being the best version of ourselves we all can. That flame that’s inside each and everyone of us -- to be the best singer, the best chef, the best teacher, the best parent, the best whatever -- and letting it burn hotter than we ever imagined it could. I also am all about nature and our planet, fashion, art.

How do you utilize social media to grow your brand?

Social media has gotten me to where I am today. It's another must have in todays world. Its a lifesaver as an artist to be so close to the ones we try to inspire. The instantaneous feedback from my followers is an amazing thing. Its a fast paced quickly changing thing but there is more opportunity than ever for artists bc of social media

What’s next for you? Touring?

I feel like now I am finally hitting my stride with where I want to be. I expect things to be ramping up quite nicely through 2018 and ongoing. My next single is “Mercy Me” which I am more excited about than any song Ive ever written. Just ready to pound the pavement and make my impact upon the world

Finally, a shameless plug: What would you like our readers to know about you?

I am really just getting started, and stay tuned for “Mercy Me.”









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