Artist Spotlight: The Fourth Kingdom

Meet The Fourth Kingdom ... NOT your average boy band. Each member is a seasoned musician with Sebastian and Jaxon on guitars, Kyle on piano and Shane on drums. The band hails from Belgium and has made its way to the U.S., making a big impression on American audiences.

Keep an eye out for them in 2018. Their single, "Broken" debuted on the What's In-Store Music chart at #42 this week with 4,454 plays!

The four of you met when you were contestants on Belgium’s The Voice. Tell us about that experience and how you decided to combine forces to form The Fourth Kingdom.

Jaxon: We each competed on The Voice separately in 2016 and Sebastian competed a year before us. Kyle and I lived in the same city and we got to know Shane backstage at the live shows.
Shane: Peter (our manager) was also managing one of the judges on The Voice & recognized our talent.
Kyle: At that time Jaxon was talking to the press about being in a band and Peter approached us and asked us if we we were interested being in one.

Sebastian: I was allready signed to Peter and he asked me if i wanted to be the fourth member.

Jaxon: The rest is history :)

You’re making your debut in the U.S. with the release of your single, “Broken.” What have you enjoyed the most about being in the U.S.?

Sebastian: People in the industry here are very open to us coming to the US and they are all very supportive of us.

Kyle: Also in NY we were appreciated and supported.

Shane: Yeah, it’s a big thing for us to see so much support from the American people.

Jaxon: i love the LA weather :) no no i’m joking it’s amazing how much love we get over here.

How did you connect with Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj, both featured on upcoming singles from your album?

Our manager knows their manager and he put us in contact with them, we send them some songs and they decided to work with us, unbelievable if you think about it, four guys from Belgium :),

What kind of influence do you hope to achieve through your music?

Reaching as much people as possible and be a inspiration through our music and lyrics, we write or co write most of our songs.

What are your plans for 2018?

Coming to America and do a tour all over the country! And of course release as many songs as possible!

Finally, a shameless plug: What would you like our readers to know about you?

That we are here to stay :), No no, that we are not your average "boy band," we want to be seen as musicians and singer songwriter, just wanting to make great music.









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