Artist Spotlight: Sophie Beem

The career of pop artist Sophie Beem is soaring to great heights. Her single, "Glow" is being played at retail locations across the country and is at #35 on the What's In-Store Music chart with over 55,000 plays last week. She's in pretty good hands too ... having been taken under the wing of superstar, Beyonce. Yes, BEYONCE.

How did you connect with Beyonce and what role has she played in your musical career?

When I was fourteen, I was playing a live show at the Bitter End. At the time, the general manager of her company came to the show. They really liked me and asked me to put together a package to send to Beyonce with a personal letter, photos, videos, and the songs I had wrote at the time. I really was seeking advice on how to become an artist and how you go about the process of becoming one. A week later, after I sent the package over, we got a call from the general manager saying that Beyonce wanted to develop me as an artist. I was shaking. It was so crazy to think Beyonce knew my name and wanted to share what she knows with me. She has been a mentor throughout the writing process and discovery phase. She sent me to Nashville and Los Angeles to learn how to co-write. I also learned performance training and media training. It was an experience of a lifetime.

You've recorded with some big names in the industry. Who are you collaborating with now, and what has that experience been like?

I am collaborating with the most talented producer named RedOne. It is such an honor to be able to work with someone who has been making music for incredible people that I have looked up to growing up. He is so hands on, not only is he a producer but he is super involved in the writing process and makes killer melodies! I can't wait for you all to hear what we have been working on!

You've also toured with some of the biggest stars in the music biz. What has been your favorite tour and why?

My favorite tour would have to be going on Beyonce's Formation World Tour in Milan and performing for a stadium of people. It was nerve-wrecking and surreal all at once. It was my favorite because it was something so untouchable for an up and coming artist, that being up there was like a dream come true. I can't wait until I can be up there for a full two hour set!

Tell us about the World Vision and how you got involved.

World Vision is an organization that helps kids in need get clean water, child protection and education. They sponsored me to go to Zambia, Africa to put on a performance for the kids in the village of Lusaka. It was an incredible experience and I loved getting to hear the kids stories and for them to fall in love with my music. I got involved with World Vision a couple years ago and we always said we wanted to do something together. I am not an Artist Associate there and I love how I am going into it at this stage in my career. So I can grow with World Vision!

What advice would you give to young artists hoping to make it big in music?

Some advice I would give to young artists hoping to make it big in music is to never let anyone drag you down or hold you back from what you love to do. You have to be your biggest believer and never give up on your dreams.

Finally: What would you like our readers to know about you?

I would love my readers to know that I am so happy they are listening to my new song "Glow" and it's crazy but I actually wrote this song when I was fourteen in Nashville. I am so happy it is finally out for the world to see!








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