Artist Spotlight: Sam Tinnesz

Meet What's In-Store Music client, Sam Tinnesz, whose song "Legends Are Made" is No. 4 on our Currents Chart with 80,549 plays last week. You'll most likely start hearing it everywhere and it's is the perfect song for Super Bowl parties from coast to coast!

You’re an award-winning songwriter. Tell us your top 5 music accomplishments.

Oh gosh, this is always a hard one for me to decide on because I’ve been part of so much that I’m proud of. Here’s my best attempt to narrow it down to 5:

1. Wrote on “Stuck in My Feelings” by Andreas Moss which is on Hot Ac and Top 40 radio charts and climbing right now … So exciting!

2. Had my song “Wolves” in the international Spiderman: The Homecoming trailers this year (I freaking love Spiderman movies)

3. Was part of the team that wrote and produced Ruelle which was the #2 sync artist in 2017 according to Billboard.

4. My song “Legends Are Made” was used for many months this year during the PGA Playoff commercials on NBC

5. Getting my first certificate as a writer for being part of a Grammy winning album!

What’s it like being a singer-songwriter with pop sensibilities in a country town?

It feels a little weird and like I’m in my own world at times haha. But, I do love my small community of artist and writers that are right there with me in the pop lane. It feels like more natural going against the grain in Nashville and blazing a new trail that hopefully others will use in the future to get even farther than we were able to.

Babel is your first album release as a solo artist. What have you learned from this experience?

I’ve learned that if you put yourself out there you may be surprised with the response you’ll get. I didn’t even start singing on proper recordings until I was a bit into adulthood haha. So, to put out music now and see that so many amazing people were along for the ride was such a life giving experience.

“Legends are Made” is such a powerful anthem and perfect for sports arenas. Tell us about the placements the song has been receiving.

A lot of really rad sports uses have come in for that song! Everything from the NHL Penguins using it to the PGA tour to hearing it blaring on tv before NFL football games. Its really been quite a ride and I don’t see any sign of that stopping.

Favorite Nashville eatery: I think any Mexican food in the area is like a fly trap for me. I probably frequent Baja Burrito and Mas Tacos the most!

Finally, a shameless plug: What would you like our readers to know about you?

I love connecting with fans or just people who love the music so come find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so we can stay in touch. I also have a ton of songs and more new ones coming on Spotify and Apple Music ready to be streamed.








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