Artist Spotlight: The Filharmonic

This week's Artist Spotlight features a cappella group, The Filharmonic, a Los Angeles based group that's got a whole lot going on! From TV, to film to traveling the country, expect to see great things from them in 2018. Their single, "Dance Wit Me" is at No. 32 on the What's In-Store Music Currents Chart with 54,158 plays last week alone!

Happy New Year! What was the biggest highlight of 2017 for the band? I’m sure you have many, so feel free to list a handful ;)

2017 was a great year for us! One of our goals was to collab with other artists and we got to sing with some amazing people. It's hard to pick, but one of our personal favorite was sharing the stage with Fifth Harmony and opening for them at their first show in the Philippines. Also, The Late Late Show with James Corden Riff-Offs were exciting and fun experiences. Then getting to perform at an Airforce base in New Jersey to help promote Pitch Prefect 3 was unbelievable and last but not least, closing out the year and being a part of A Christmas Story Live was a dream!

Each member in an a cappella group has an integral role. Name the members of The Filharmonic and what they do.

The foundation of the song is created by our vocal bass, Jules Cruz. His role is to mimic a bass guitar and be the lowest note in the chord while also adding rhythmic variation to the song.

Niko Del Rey is the beatboxer of the group. He imitates any of the percussion you hear on our tracks. You might hear a basic drum kit, some dubstep wobs, or even some turntables scratching, but Niko Del Rey is the source for all of that.

Trace Gaynor aka Baby Face Trace is one of the 3 tenors that lay down the background vocals on all of our songs. However, when he isn’t singing backup, he is our go to pop & rock soloist.

When Joe Caigoy isn’t singing backup he is the guy we turn to for all of our ballad & soulful solos. On the show The Sing Off, the judges compared his smooth voice to ‘Chocolate Covered Strawberries’.

Last but not least, VJ Rosales is our resident pop & R&B vocalist. His refined skill can only be matched by his musical intellect. When he isn’t soloing on stage he is leading most rehearsals as our appointed music director, in charge of the musical arrangements and vocal direction.

How did the group form and what are your musical backgrounds?

We decided to form this group in 2013 for this TV show called The Sing-Off! Niko, Joe, and Jules sang at the same college. Then we met Trace and VJ through different singing competitions around SoCal. We competed against each other during some point of our college lives.

A lot of us come from different musical backgrounds, VJ majored in Jazz Studies, Joe and Jules did classical chamber choir, Trace played violin, and Niko grew up performing in church and hip-hop dancing. Our common denominator is our Filipino heritage that has always valued singing and music.

Favorite song on your set list and why:

Our favorite song in our set is our cover of Treasure by Bruno Mars. It was the first song we ever sang together as a group in front of a live audience!

Favorite “hole-in-the-wall” for good eats in L.A.:

One of our favorite places to eat isn’t really a hole in the wall, but sometimes you can’t really find it! It’s the White Rabbit food truck and they make amazing Filipino fusion food!

Finally, a shameless plug: What would you like our readers to know about you?

We want to meet you guys at our shows! So make sure to check out for all of our upcoming events. ALSO, we are nominated for a shorty award which is really cool!! Make sure you head over to and vote for The Filharmonic in the ‘Best YouTube Musician’ category.










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