Artist Spotlight: The Last Royals

Singer-songwriter Eric James is the creative force behind The Last Royals. His latest album, "Never Be Alone" is a reflection of how he's grown both personally and professionally. Here he talks about the ups and downs of being an indie artist, who influences him musically, and where to find good eats in Brooklyn.

How does this current project differ from previous works?

This latest album "Never Be Alone" is much more internal for me. With that, it required a more subdued musical palette, a more organic feel. I think it also is a more grown up group of songs that before.

In today’s music landscape, what are the advantages of being and indie artist? What are the disadvantages?

At its best, being "indie" ought to cause you to make art first rather than a product. If you happen to make something that sells, well great. The obvious disadvantage is that its damn hard to find money sometimes when you need it.

“Miles Away” is very reminiscent of some of my favorite ‘80s artists. Who are your musical influences?'

Some notables would be early U2, Pet Shop Boys, Tears for Fears, OMD. But, I think my pop musical taste is wholly derived from the movie "Back to The Future." First movie I ever saw in the theater. The music in that film was a perfect blend of '50s and '80s pop. I’ve never looked back.

Favorite Brooklyn Eatery:

The Halal cart on 5th Ave and 9th street in Park Slope. Nice Egyptian guy. Likes exact change.

What’s in store for The Last Royals in 2018?

It’s time for new music. Pray for me.








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