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Sometimes the great music is just up the road! What’s In-Store Music’s Bob Catania caught up with the great Gary Myrick on Saturday night playing at The Six in Calabasas where he lives. Bob’s wife, Karen, worked with Gary during his Network/Geffen Records days so they had a nice homecoming. Gary performed two great sets of Texas blues rock, some killer covers including an amazing "Purple Haze," plus a few of his hits including, "She Talks in Stereo."

A highlight of the set was when he introduced a special guest sitting in on drums ... up walks 8-year-old Vinny Borgnine, grandson of the legendary Ernest Borgnine, and he was incredible! (only in L.A.!).

If you are in the mood for some great music and hanging out with a really great guy, Gary will be playing the first Saturday of each month. Follow him on facebook for news and updates.

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