Laurell's Picks

In honor of Miami Music Week, we thought we'd enlist the help of songwriter and vocalist, Laurell, to showcase some of her favorite songs. See Tritonal's "Good Thing" video below, which features the amazing Laurell!

Here are Laurell's picks:

One Bit feat. Noah Cyrus - My Way

One Bit are a UK production duo I met at the Amsterdam Event and they showed me their new single written with another insanely talented writer from the UK, Katya Edwards. They are such sweet guys and after working with them in studio I am blown away by their skills!

Cassie Dasilva - Welcome to My Castle

I met Cassie 3 years ago in Vancouver, Canada, while she was still in production school where she got laughed at by a guest speaker for her quirky voice. Well, I guess she got the last laugh LOL. Cassie is endearingly clumsy, uber talented, hilarious, sarcastic, and I can’t contain my excitement for new release with Universal Canada!

Robinson - Nothing to Regret

I met New Zealand’s Robinson last fall in LA and fell in love with her gorgeous voice and eyebrows! Her sound and sensibilities are incredibly developed for her age and she definitely carries a weight and wisdom in her music that is far beyond her years.

Delaney Jane - HOWL

Delaney is already a Canadian star best known for her song Easy Go and LA LA LAND with Shaun Frank. HOWL is the first of a slew of killer new songs I have heard Delaney working on over the last year and her voice blows me away as much as her beauty! She is seriously amazing.

Aria Hennessy - Missive 1

Aria is a badass and slays my life in the best way. She is a Canadian who has been living in LA, and her vibe is just so damn chill. While I have worked on my versatility as a writer, she has been carefully diving deeper and deeper into her urban corner. I love the messages in Aria’s songs and her willingness to be completely raw and real with her audience! She is STUNNING and has truly found a sick niche for her amazing voice, sound, look, and swaaaag.

Features and Writing Collabs:

Sophie Francis ft. Laurell - Get Over It

Sondr feat. Laurell - True Love (Ultra)

Quintino feat. Laurell - Good Vibes (Spinnin’)

Boem feat. Laurell - Outside of the Lines (Dim Mak)

Steve Void & Navarra feat. Laurell - Perfect Mess (Strange Fruits)

Tritonal feat. Laurell - Good Thing (Enhanced)

Renaida - All The Feels (Cardiac/Sony Sweden)

Zibbz - Stones (6003 Records Switzerland)

Alejandro Reyes - Compass (The Hana Road Switzerland)

Laurell's Social:

Video: Tritonal's "Good Thing" ft. Laurell

Latest Collab:

Sophie Francis ft. Laurell "Get Over It"

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