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What’s In-Store Music hit the road to visit with the folks at Spectrio-Retail Radio office in Sacramento, the company that actually delivers your priority music to the thousands of retail outlets across the country. Bob and Scott learned all about Tesla Superchargers and to make sure you always have a “little charge” in the bank so you don’t run out of juice. We also hit the great roadside attractions at Harris Ranch and Andersen’s Pea Soup ... great Americana. The team at Spectrio-Retail Radio have built an amazing company that ensures that the music in the retail environments are ideal for their clients. We are honored to work with them and bring them the priority music from our clients to ensure maximum exposure. For more about them check out at www.spectrio.com. At the Spectrio–Retail Radio Office (pictured l to r): Bill Louie, Scott and Bob, David Foster, Shawn Cash and JC Swan.

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