Artist Spotlight: Kyle Davis

Singer-songwriter, Kyle Davis is so prolific in his craft, that it's opened the doors for an exciting collaboration with producer team, Vessbroz. Their single, "Nothing" featuring Kyle Davis is #29 on this week's chart" and soon Kyle's very own single, "All Falls Down," will also be climbing the What's In-Store Music chart.

You really connect with the audience through your songs and stage performances. Does this come naturally to you or did you have to overcome some obstacles to get where you are?

Performing on stage wasn’t always so natural for me. I used to have a lot of anxiety when it came to singing for an audience. As a young kid, I would reserve my songs for my family at home. But I was singing very loudly without any knowledge of proper form which lead to me almost loosing my voice. My parents brought me to a voice teacher and after working with her for many years, I not only learned how to protect my vocal chords but it also gave me a lot of comfortability with showcasing my talents.

You wrote your first song at the tender age of 5, and started performing at age 8. What is your fondest memory of performing as a child?

My fondest memory was performing at the Regent Theatre in Arlington MA. It was my first big performance and was actually booked by my voice teacher. It was amazing to experience a sea full of people cheering me on and I instantly fell in love with it. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Where do you get your inspiration for writing?

My inspiration for writing can come from anywhere. It could be something I personally experienced, something I saw on a TV show. Sometimes it can just be a word that I hear that starts the process. I’m always looking for creative ways to turn life and emotions in to art. I’ve even dream-wrote lyrics.

How did you connect with Malaysian production team Vessbroz on their album “Lost” and what was the recording experience like?

About a year ago I was searching for a DJ/ producer to remix some of my singles. I found a website titled “1000 best producers across the world,” and I decided to reach out to each one of them in the hopes to work with one. (Connections are always a numbers game) Vessbroz was kind enough to write back and it turned out that they were looking to do a concept album with a different singer for each track and needed a songwriter. I just so happened to have a collection of songs and no use for them. I recorded the vocals for “Nothing” on my home studio. When I sent them off to Vessbroz they insisted that we keep my vocals on it instead of finding another artists like the other tracks.

What’s in store for you in the coming months? Touring? More recording? More collaborations?

Vessbroz and I are currently working on a follow up E.P. with a lot of cool collaborations with a whole new set of singers from around the world!








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