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Investing in a What’s In-Store Music campaign for your priority song is a lot like making a great real estate investment in the retail environment. What’s In-Store Music makes sure your song is played for the life of the project and often times beyond. Unencumbered by traditional radio restraints, What’s In-Store Music clients enjoy the benefit of having one single continue to play while the next single is launched. Within weeks both songs receive thousands of in-store plays taking up more real estate in the space and increasing the exposure of your artist. The following are some examples of how companies are taking advantage of the What’s In-Store Music program, adding single after single, taking up more real estate in the retail environment. The spins shown are from the last 7 days.

Clean Bandit I Miss You – 58,811 Symphony – 57,560 Rockabye – 78,021 Total: 194,392

Why Don’t We These Girls – 56,487 Something Different – 55,700 Trust Fund Baby – 41,853 Total: 154,040

The Rua Without You - 48,550 Fire and Lies – 48,830 Total: 97,380

Taylor Grey Never Woulda Letcha – 71,550 Miami – 60,226 Way Back Home – 52,115 Poison – 24,699 Total: 208,590


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