Artist Spotlight: Mackenzie Nicole

Pop artist Mackenzie Nicole has been a featured vocalist on rapper Tech N9ne's "So Lonely," "K.O.D." and "Demons." Now it's Mackenzie's time to shine on her own as she releases her debut album, "The Edge," available now on Strange Music. Her single "Preview" is just getting started with What's In-Store Music and we're excited to be a part of this young talent's musical journey.

You started singing opera at the tender age of six! What was it about this classical art form that intrigued you?

Just as some are organically skilled at ballet or baseball, I discovered early that my voice is naturally inclined towards classical music. That's not to say that it was at all easy; opera was and is incredibly challenging for me. My voice just came naturally equipped for the challenges classical offers.

What are the benefits of being classically trained? What are the disadvantages (if any)?

It certainly is a lot of pressure to try and lead the charge on this important new effort being made by Strange Music, particularly considering my extensive personal investment in the label. My team and I here really are the guinea pigs, it's like being the first born in the family. But, all stress aside, we've had the opportunity to really experiment in ways the other artists don't always get to, so we can't complain.

Who inspires you personally and professionally?

My personal and professional inspirations are parallel due to the extremely personal nature of my profession. Marina & the Diamonds (singer-songwriter) and Garance Doré (writer/illustrator) are both very representative of the paths I want to follow. Stevie Nicks, however, inspires me in a different way. She is just purely a rockstar. That’s exactly what I want to be as a performer and a person.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

I would LOVE to work with Flume or Marshmello. Their production is psycho. I love it.

What has been the most exciting highlight of your career so far?

The most exciting career experience for me thus far was the first time I performed at Red Rocks Amphitheater. It was complete sensory overload.

Finally, a shameless plug:

My debut album The Edge just came out … and follow me on on social media … links below!








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