Artist Spotlight: Elle Winter

This week's Artist Spotlight features pop artist and actor, Elle Winter. She was recognized early in her career by Radio Disney, which opened many opportunities for her. She's now touring the country on her own and making a big impression. Her single, "One More" is No. 26 on the What's In-Store Music Chart, and we're thrilled to be a part of her story.

How did you connect with Radio Disney and how did that help launch your career?

When I was twelve I had my first meeting with Radio Disney and Disney Channel and they cast me in their fifth season of Radio Disney’s “Next Big Thing.” It was a very exciting time, I was suddenly put on a national tour and featured on national television and radio, exposing me to a new found fan base. The experience definitely opened many doors for me and I still very much consider Radio Disney my family as they have supported my many musical endeavors since my time on the Next Big Thing.

You’ve worked with a lot of accomplished producers. How did these studio experiences help you grow as an artist, and what was the most valuable lesson you learned from these seasoned pros?

After my time on The Next Big Thing, I began working with many high profile writers and producers, honing my craft as a songwriter and recording artist. Over the past few years, I have learned to really be open and honest in the studio in order to get my best work. When I was just beginning this journey and getting used to the studio process, It sometimes could feel intimidating; I was usually working with older professionals and my younger self felt more secure letting them take the lead during sessions. But as I’ve matured as an artist and as a person, with more life experience and stories under my belt, I am definitely much more confident in sessions and make sure every song is about my life and tells my personal stories, even if sometimes those things are difficult to discuss.

You recently completed a Northeast promo tour visiting radio. What were some of the highlights of your trip?

It was such a wonderful experience! I loved meeting so many new people and performing a lot of my new ,unreleased music with them! The most meaningful and memorable moment of the tour was after my performances, a lot of women from the stations would come up to me and tell me how they totally related to my songs and we would have this connection of shared experience. And to me that is what performing and being an artist is all about, that connection with others. I also adore my manager and the musicians who came on this tour with me so we had a ball haha!

You also have a very successful acting career. How do you juggle both acting and music? What acting projects are you working on currently?

With technology, it is honestly much easier to juggle both given that if I can’t make an audition, I can send in a self tape instead. I just signed with CAA to represent me on the music and acting side so I have some very exciting projects in the works that I cannot wait to share with everyone!

Tell us about your work with The Ryan Seacrest Foundation and Music is Medicine.

I have been involved in the organization Music Is Medicine since I was twelve and the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and these organizations allow me to bring music to children in hospitals around the country. I know how much joy music brings me so I feel grateful that I can hopefully spread that joy to others who are in need of it.

Finally, a shameless plug: What would you like our readers to know about you?

That I have lots of new music coming out and I am super excited to share it with all of you and I am so happy to be on this journey together !

See Elle Winter at Hotel Cafe on June 27! Click here for tickets.







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