Artist Spotlight: Chloé Caroline

Singer Songwriter, Chloé Caroline, has fast become a What's In-Store Music favorite. We love her eclectic style, quiet confidence and beautifully crafted songs. We're grateful to be a part of her journey; and excited to see this talented artist go a long, long way in her career. Her single "Gypsy Daughter" has the elements of a hit as it makes its way up the What's In-Store Music currents chart.

Your music is so authentic and meaningful. Where do you find inspiration in your songwriting?

I honestly think my songwriting inspiration comes from a combo of real life experiences (the good, the bad, the emotional rollercoasters, etc.), the people I meet along the way (their stories!), the music I listen to, and finally life’s tiny details. I’m a super curious person and I am constantly taking in the world around me so inspiration could literally come from a shoestring I find sitting on the floor. I have a good imagination and I write from feeling so others feel related to. 

Who are your musical and personal influences?

My dad is a huge personal influence for me because he introduced me to all music. I grew up listening to everything from Frank Sinatra, Fleetwood Mac and The Beach Boys to Colbie Caillat and Avril Lavigne – it’s all over the map. I always found that music from the ‘70s just had such vibe to it from the authentic instrumentation and harmonies to the poetry of the lyrics -- those songs are classic enough to stay relevant forever. But I’m also a millennial child who loves catchy pop melodies with that conversational relate-ability lyrically so my music is a combo of both of those worlds. 

Your upcoming album, “Gypsy Daughter” is being recorded in two cities: Los Angeles and Nashville. Why the two locations?

Well, I now have roots in both places. LA is such an inspiring place for me creatively and growing up in that diverse of a place was like a playground for my writing. It’s just so free because it’s so big. Nashville has immaculate players and my two producers are there so that’s a big part of that. Ironically, both of my producers spent a huge part of their careers in L.A. though too. 

You’ve been described as “Gypsy in spirit.” Can you explain?

I’m a floater in life. With various types of friends, with what i like to do, what I like to eat, where I like to go. I just want to take it all in. I’m also super ADD so I get distracted. But overall, I just am a rather free spirited laidback person. I don’t take myself too seriously, I just want to be real, and because of that I’m not a very judgmental person. Life’s too short to not live your life with the cup half full, one step forward at a time. 

What has been the most exciting experience in your career so far? 

This is a really hard one! I think having a song I wrote and recorded for the end title of the Lionsgate film “The Great Gilly Hopkins” was pretty big, that was my first sync credit. There are artists light years ahead of me and signed that don’t get that opportunity, so it’s a pretty special one. When I write, I picture a movie in my mind and have such a passion for that world.

Finally, a shameless plug: What would you like our readers to know about you?

At the end of the day I just am a girl with an imperfect soul and music is my form of expression. That’s one of the ways I have placed my value in the world and we all have value. The more authentic you are to yourself the easier it’ll be to find that.








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