Out & About: Summer Sessions Recap

Despite the best efforts of American Airlines, Scott and Bob made it to Atlantic City for the 2018 version of Summer Sessions. First of all, our thanks to Cary Vance for his support and encouragement of What’s In-Store Music. As always, John Parker was a force of nature keeping things moving with Cary. Thanks also to the Promo Only team of Jim, Chuck and Pete for their amazing support of a community that cares for and does all it can to support new artists and their music. You could feel the passion at every step of the convention. This was a big convention for us. After three years we have fine tuned our service and have had tremendous support from the dance community including many of the labels and artists there. It was exciting for us to meet so many of the acts we are working with and those behind those artists. The common thread was excitement at the exposure we generate and everyone had a story about someone hearing their song in a store! Our motto has always been, “It’s About Impressions” and we are delivering on that in a big way. We look forward to continuing our efforts with our current clients plus many new friends we made there. It was quite a week for us: The announcement of our charts being published in All Access and the thrill of Summer Sessions. And despite their best intentions in getting us home, even American Airlines could not ruin our spirits.

Here are some highlights from the convention:

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