Don't Miss the Boat

If you’re not including What’s In-Store Music as part of your overall strategy to break new music, then you’re missing the boat… but don’t take our word for it.

"The wide reaching exposure provided by What’s In-Store Music is an asset that is an essential part of my promotion and marketing campaigns. The spins gained in the varied outlets nationwide are a key component which increases awareness and growth beyond radio and streaming play. With radio programmers and the music industry putting more emphasis on metrics, an emerging artist can be better positioned with this additional complementary data in their favor to secure spots on playlists, and raise their analytic profile when shopping for potential deals. It’s from experience in using the What’s In-Store Music platform that I highly recommend the “sound solution” that Bob and Scott have developed. Their professionalism and support is A-plus."

~ Fred Mills ProMark Unltd


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