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Scott and Bob hit the Sunset Strip last week to see Curb Record’s amazing Jesse Kinch! We made it a classic Sunset Strip evening with dinner at The Rainbow with Cheryl Broz from Curb and RAMP’s Steve Resnik before heading to The Viper Room to see Jesse. Jesse performed an incredible set of high powered rock with songs from his debut album, “I’m Not Like Everyone Else.” We figured out that Jesse’s parents had a great album collection as his songs all have a feel of the great rock songs from the past, but with his own modern style. He will make all the headliners he opens for have to work extra hard ... this is a special talent. We all received some really cool vinyl as well. Pictured L-R: Scott, Stacey MacDonald and Carol Curb from Curb, Jesse and Bob; in front L-R: SVP Pop Promotion & Marketing of Curb, Cheryl Broz and RAMP’s Steve Resnik.

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