Dustin Atlas and Erin Bowman: Our New #1!

At What’s In-Store Music we pride ourselves on our long term commitment to the music and providing a solid base with which to build a story. Case in point, we added Dustin Atlas and Erin Bowman “Fake Friends” on April 4th. Since that time, the song has been a big hit for Radio Disney, SiriusXM HITS1 and has been growing steadily at Music Choice. As the story has grown so has our commitment to the song and we are excited to share the news that “Fake Friends” is #1 this week with more than 71,000 plays on the What’s In-Store Music Current Chart! (Available exclusively on AllAccess.com). The combination of impressions from our in-store play along with the early radio success has been paying off in a big way:

700K Views on YouTube 900K Streams on Spotify 700K Streams on Apple Music 35K Shazams

If you haven’t spent time with Dustin Atlas and Erin Bowman’s “Fake Friends,” it’s time to change that. Click the listen button below and find out what What’s In-Store Music, Radio Disney, SiriusXM Hits 1 and Music Choice already know, this song is a hit!


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