Jerad Finck's "New Kids" (SEAWAVES REMIX)

I am releasing this remix in support of and their efforts to spread the message for the need for common sense gun reform and to end gun violence. This song has always been very close to my heart and working with SEAWAVES on this remix has been such an amazing experience. Its purpose and core was about celebrating individuality, the uniqueness of all of us, and rather than discriminating about or judging our differences and beliefs, we should embrace them ... as that is the core of what makes us human. I have been nothing short of inspired by this new generation who has stood up to make their voices heard, and in that, it's something we all can -- and should — do. That is what I really wanted to convey: a new way of thinking, a new approach to bring us together, a new mind set … the "New Kids.” ~ Jerad Finck

#news #artistspotlight

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