Behind the Song

Bradley Zimmerman "Fallin’ For You"

“Windows on the World” was an iconic rotating restaurant located on the 107th floor of ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER overlooking all of Manhattan. The setting was inspirational and symbolic of all of life’s dreams. Located within the interior of the restaurant was a Jazz Bar called “The Greatest Bar on Earth.” It is there that jazz musician and pianist Ernie Scott gave me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sing an original love song, “Fallin’ For You,” before a crowd of patrons and propose to my wife, Melissa, in 1997. That day was the best day of my life… After the Twin Towers were destroyed in 2001, along with the lives taken that day, thousands of their family members and friends were left to live with the ultimate devastation and try to recover from their tragic loss. My law firm, The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm, in a joint venture with the law firm of Gregory Cannata and Associates, became focused on representing individuals who had lost everything that day. Since that time, we have represented over 1000 victims in the World Trade Center Fund and helped these families to deal with and overcome their most challenging financial obstacles without the assistance of their loved ones. Many of these victims have suffered from a variety of cancers too numerous to count and have left this world many years later suffering the illnesses they were stricken with on that fateful day. Sadly, victims continue to contract cancers directly linked to 9/11 every day, and we continue to work on their behalf to help them. BUT, there is something more I can do to make their suffering and difficulties a little more bearable. Taking inspiration from all of the heroes who risked everything that fateful day to help others, and whose actions have galvanized our spirit. I have recorded and produced the song “Fallin’ For You” to inspire people to never give up on their dreams and on love. Despite all the devastation and terrible tragedies, there will be a tomorrow and it is up to us to continue to focus on making it a better tomorrow. It is my wish that the song’s melody plays on and on from the tunnels to the now Freedom Tower forevermore.

– Bradley Zimmerman

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