What’s In-Store Music Impacts Streams and Shazams …

Case 1: Streams and sales increase over the previous week … "As you know 'Fake Friends' has cycled through and is decreasing in activity of streams and sales.

With that in mind, your increase in stores to your panel immediately gave 'Fake Friends' a bump increasing in streams by 6.4% and in sales by 14.2% over the previous week. Pretty impressive considering 'Fake Friends' is on a 2 - 3% decrease each week.

BTW - On Spotify this past week 'Fake Friends' combined with 'Fake Ass Friends' just went over 1,000,000 streams ... all organically, with no Spotify playlists just people finding it through airplay and What’s In- Store Music. Once again What’s In-Store Music is making a difference!"

~ John Weston/Manager Erin Bowman

Case 2: "SHAZAMs Up, Streams Up!"


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