Behind the Song: Nina Shallman

Nina Shallman "Oftener Than Often"

“Oftener Than Often” is about the kind of mental and emotional breakdown that goes unnoticed, that hides behind bravado, or a veneer of happiness. I think a lot of people can relate to feeling like they have to keep their pain to themselves and hide behind a front, afraid that people will lose respect for them, or faith in them, and I thought that writing a song like this would mirror that experience. I’ve always loved songs with music/lyric juxtaposition, like Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks,” so “Oftener” is my take on that kind of thing. While the song is uptempo and upbeat, the lyrics are dark and almost hopeless. But I also wanted to make the climax of the song feel like a parade, the final chorus sung by many people, to symbolize finding hope and support by being “botched and broken” together. ~ Nina Shallman

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