Behind the Song: Nina Shallman

Emily Perry: "Jingle Jingle"

"This was one of my favorite group projects! The idea was the brainchild of my co-writer/co-producer Cindy Valentine. While we were in Denver for my Pride Week performances, we teamed up with local producer Jeff Warnock to lay everything down in his studio. Although we were all in love with the track, we felt it needed a little something extra to really create a fun Christmas anthem with an underlying pop/dance flavor. We brought in one of our fave producers, Niko The Kid who spiced up the track to deliver what is now ‘Jingle Jingle’ and to top it off, the song has been placed in a 2018 Hallmark Christmas movie 'Homegrown Christmas’ premiering on the 08th December thanks to the efforts of Cindy and Steve Migliore."

~ Emily Perry

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