Behind the Song: Addi  McDaniel

Addi McDaniel's “Are You Serious?”

Addi McDaniel revels in the semantic backflips of Andrew Bird’s “Are You Serious” as it toys with the inadequacy of language in the face of our deepest emotions. "'It's one of my all-time favorite Andrew Bird songs", says McDaniel. “When I first heard it, I couldn’t get it out of my head for weeks. There is something about this song that I find so endearing and playfully perfect! It just pulls you right in." Story Highlights: ~ "Are You Serious" is being worked nationally at AAA, Americana and Non-Commercial radio.

~ National publicity campaign targeting print, syndicated radio, and online press. Features have run with Parade, Glide Magazine, City Winery Sessions, and more. ~ Album AFTER THE NEWS available everywhere on January 25 from Sylvan Songs.


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