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Had a great time catching up last week with our newest What's in-Store Music client and rising star Kayden at the NOHO Diner. During our meeting she sprung up from the conversation and made her way over to an old, dusty, upright piano clearly used for decoration in the dining room, As she flipped up the lid it was hard to miss all the people looking annoyed as if their breakfast was about to be ruined by some spoiled kid banging on the piano. Within thirty seconds, the entire place was hushed, all listening to her sing. When it was over, the jeers had turned to cheers and the whole room was applauding. Look out world, she's coming for you. Keep an ear out for her first single "Kiss Kiss Baby" playing in stores everywhere VIA Spectrio. Big thanks to Kayden's manager (and part time photographer) John Weston for arranging the meeting.

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