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Behind The Song

Austin David L.I.B.

This week's Behind The Song is about L.I.B. from Austin David. This song exploded on our charts and is one of our most played songs with almost 98,000 plays!!

"Last September I was part of a songwriting showcase here in L.A. One of the artists that performed before me played his really simple song. It had the same guitar riff looping over and over. I loved that idea. I was so inspired, the next day I grabbed my guitar and started writing L.I.B.

It took about a week of writing and rewriting. I wanted it to be funky, groovy, hooky. The perfect soundtrack to a summer drive down the PCH. Inspired by that feeling of falling in love for the first time. That magical connection. It feels like all the stars are aligned.'

When I finished it, it def felt like I had something good. :)"


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