What's In-Store Music, Then and Now

What's In-Store Music opened its doors in April of 2015, changing the way the music industry approached in-store music in a big way. What's in-Store secured an exclusive one on one relationship with the programmers at Retail Radio (Now Spectrio), one of the largest in-store music providers in the country. For the first time in history a weekly dialogue was established between the music industry and the people actually making programming decisions for the retail space. What's In-Store Music clients have enjoyed not only hundreds of thousands if not millions of in-store plays but have also received honest, helpful, feedback from programmers so as to gain the most exposure as possible in the retail environment..

In the past four years What's In-Store Music has grown exponentially adding more and more opportunities to create impression for your priority music. Just take a look how far we've come.

Combine the above information with countless testimonials regarding increases in streams, Shazams and fan reaction it has become clear that What's In-Store Music has grown into a valuable piece of your marketing puzzle. That being the case, we implemented our first rate increase in three years to $1200 for a submission….still making it one of the most cost effect ways to help expose your priority music to the masses.

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