Got Dance?

Studies have shown that the right in-store music can significantly enhance the shopper experience. At What's In-Store Music we've found that dance music is becoming more and more popular in that space... some of our biggest songs over the past year have come from the dance world. Songs Like the #1 Billboard Dance hit DOOMSDAY from VASSY and the top 40 smash, Body from Loud Luxury ft. Brando have become staples in stores, restaurants, and malls. It's become so popular we've dedicated an entire chart to it, The Dance Environment,, Powered by Spectrio and available exclusively on This chart highlights the songs that keep people dancing and cash registers singing in retail outlets across the country. But wait there's more, we are a DJ Times Chart reporter complete with bi-weekly picks and also curate a Spotify Playlist: What's In-Store Music: The Dance Environment.

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