New #1 Maggie Rogers "Light On"

We're excited to announce this week that Maggie Rogers- "Light On" has ascended to the #1 spot on the What's In-Store Music Currents Chart. We began working on this with Capitol Records in October of 2018 and supported the song with 70,000+ weekly in-store plays as they developed it through a combination of radio formats; massive press coverage; and key TV appearances, all working together to break Maggie into the pop mainstream. The well-executed game plan from Capitol continued to give us the information we needed work with our programmers and grow the spins over the course of the last five months. We pride ourselves on being proactive with our clients and being in synch with their plans to ensure maximum exposure for each song. We wanted to thank Catina at Capitol for her support on this project….and getting us on board with another huge break out artist….Mabel, who is racing up our charts with the brilliant "Don't Call Me Up."

Learn more about Maggie:

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