Great News From The Hair Cuttery Featured Artist Program

Two weeks ago we introduced you to What's In-Store Music client, Indie artist, Jerad Finck, this month's Hair Cuttery Featured Artist. The program consists of the artist's music and original content playing once an hour for an average of 93,000 in-store plays across 1,100 locations, reaching more than 1 MILLION + people each week. Seven days into the program with Jared we received this glowing review from Jennifer Lyneis, President/UE3 Promotions:

Bob and Scott,

I wanted to give you an update this morning on Jerad Finck. I got your report and a few things have happened since we started the Hair Cuttery Program.

His followers on Spotify have jumped over 2k which is really hard to make happen because a lot of people don't follow a page they save the song in their playlists so this has to be from Hair Cuttery promo. Streams on all songs in Hair Cuttery have jumped.

In addition, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have seen a significant jump and he is #16 on the ITunes Alternative chart and had 1500 sales since the program has been running. This is absolutely incredible. Let me know if any other stores will be offering this.


Learn more about Jerad Finck on his website!

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