Shazam Shazam Shazam

New York based indie act A Second Life, spent two weeks atop the What's in-Store Music Current Chart with their song "The Moment". Those in-store plays have been translating to a steady increase in the Band's SHAZAM numbers. The guys reported 4,500 SHAZAMs last month and that number has shot up to more than 13,000 in the last week.

"Scott & Bob….We've loved seeing the spin reports the last few weeks and thrilled to have been the #1 song on the chart as well…. I was pleasantly surprised to see our SHAZAMS increased by more than 10,000 since we started with you guys. The What's In-Store Music play has had an obvious impact in terms of people finding us and hearing our music.. Thanks for all your support…what a great way for us to reach our fans and create new ones." - Chris Damphouse/A Second Life. Check out A second Life on Facebook here!

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