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At What's In-Store Music we pride ourselves in being out front when promoting your priority music. We always tell our clients, "get the song in early and let us get it warmed up for you." When submitted at the beginning of a project, we can get your song thousands of in-store plays ahead of your impact date. Here are some examples of clients who've helped build their story through in-store play as they've launched their campaigns, and the amount of in-store plays they've had this year.

Hilary Roberts - Back To Life #2* on The Billboard Dance Club Charts. 1,100,000 Vassy - Concrete Heart #3* on the Billboard Dance Club Chart 600,000 Maddie Poppe - Made You Miss #1 on The What's In-Store Music Chart the week of her album release. 284,000 Mars Moniz & Lao Ra - Wapo added to Sirius XM Venus. 400,000 Baha Men - Let's Go added to Sirius XM Venus. 360,000 Armin van Buuren & Garabay - Phone Down added to Sirius XM Venus. 250,000 Rat City ft. Isak Heim - Kind Of Love added to Sirius XM BPM. 281,000 JRAFFE - California Radio Disney Mailbag 1,800,000

What's In-Store Music - it's all about impressions and as you can see above, that's more than just a catch phrase.

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