Behind the Song

A Dead Desire

"Here Comes The Rain Again"

"I was in Las Vegas opening for the 2017 Rock Radio Awards and Convention at The Hard Rock Hotel when I met Oli Herbert from All That Remains. We didn't like the pre-party we were both attending when we met so I asked him if he wanted to go to my room and jam out. He thought it was a phenomenal idea so we headed to my room. We played guitar for several hours and around 2am we were talking about cover songs. I mentioned the Annie Lennox cover of sweet dreams and I mentioned that I felt the artist who did the cover chose the wrong song. I said I thought the Here Comes The Rain Again song would have been a much better cover. He said, "let's do it" so we started working on it that night and a few months later we were working on a studio recording. Oli wanted to release the song during the rain season, so after his passing in October I thought the New Moon of April 5th would be perfect to honor him." -Moroni / A Dead Desire

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