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Santa may be relaxing….but it's time to get your Holiday Music ready!!!

Summer is finally here: family vacations; trips to the beach; BBQ's in the back yard….and time to start thinking about HOLIDAY MUSIC!! What's In-Store Music has established one of the most robust holiday programs for holiday exposure in the industry. In the past few years, our program has delivered millions of impressions to our holiday clients. The link below will take you to our 2018 Holiday Chart where you will see the plays we generated for our clients in the 2018 holiday season. The plays are significant but the IMPRESSIONS are even bigger as the stores are packed with holiday shoppers. We have great success with classic holiday remakes and original holiday music is welcome as well. It is also important to note that both major label and independent releases are treated the same. The stores will start playing holiday music in early November so we are already less than four months away from the start!!

Click here for the 2018 Holiday Chart recap

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